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Terry Farmer Scholarship

Turning Point is committed to providing opportunities for a new way of life to those who lack the resources to seek treatment. With that objective in mind Turning Point provides scholarship opportunities to numerous men each year with the hope that they might carry a message of hope to others who are struggling.

About Terry

Terry Farmer embodied the very principle of sharing the gift of recovery with others. Terry served at Turing Point as a mentor to participants and his persona was characterized by grace, humor, and humility. Much of Terry’s free time was spent reaching out to alumni of Turning Point to check on them and ensure that they knew that they were loved. Terry also had a mission of cultivating opportunities for men who were without resources to be gifted with an opportunity. Terry initiated letter writing campaigns and leaned into the many relationships that he had forged in his career and his life in recovery to ask for their help to enable an opportunity for another man. Terry’s passing in 2023 was a harrowing reminder of the precious and fragile nature of life. His gratitude for each day was infectious and it is with this in mind that we have elected to promote our scholarship fund in Terry’s name as a memorial to the life and energy that Terry provided to all who encountered him. 

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