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Praying together to impact a generation of men and their families

Our mission is to provide men with substance use disorder an opportunity to discover a new life in recovery through proven evidence based programs with a Christ centered emphasis.

How can we help?
Please call to confidentially discuss options for treatments.
Office: 205-646-365

Animal brown horse
Equine Program
Team Building Activities
Guest Speakers

Equine therapy provides a unique experience for our participants. Through independent and group interactions with horses we are able to introduce recovery paradigms through a different and impactful  lens,  promoting collaboration, trust, and communication. 

Community interaction is a principle focus of recovery. Our curriculum emphasizes the necessity of relationships, and our approach to our participants developing connections centers around experiential learning. Whitewater rafting, volleyball, paintball, hikes, and pickleball bring participants together and teach them how to be a part of, rather than apart from.

We carry a message of hope through the sharing of our stories. The legacy of testimony...and the power of relating to others experiences can be profound and life changing. We are blessed to have men who have walked through the transformative recovery process who come and share their experiences with our participants each week. 

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